hey, i am chtnnh

and i am going to change the world.

the present:

the past is irrelevant, much like the future...

i'm writing my second book right now, you can have a look at the first one here.

the past:

...unless you're reminiscing...

full stack swe @ WisdomCircle

swe intern @ BharatX

buildspace n&w s2 & s3 - (attempted) founder @ Rituals

gamifying habit formation for neurodivergent adults

realised gamifying habit formation requires a greater product-aligned mindset, which i didn't possess then

will probably attempt to solve this problem again

Kernel Block 4 Fellow @ Gitcoin

swe intern @ Questbook

(attempted) founder @ unnamed

designing machine learning algorithms to, well one day, build a high-bandwidth BCI

realised that there is a reason why machine learning algorithms weren't built on top of open source electrode data

will definitely attempt to solve this problem again, hopefully soon

(attempted) founder @ QubEat

designing quantum algorithms to solve optimisation for logistics

got off track trying to prove that "P = NP", realised i love physics but our universe might not have been the same if that permutation of those 5 characters was true

will probably attempt to solve this problem again, much later though

the future:

...to build a better future.

if you found this interesting and would like to have a conversation, do reach out!

chtnnh [@] gmail.com